Citizenship of Slovakia

Citizenship of Slovakia

Foreigners who want to obtain citizenship in the Slovak Republic first need to apply for a residence permit, after five years to obtain permanent residence, and after ten years of continuous residence in the country, apply for citizenship.

If you decide to open your business in Slovakia, you get the right to issue a residence permit. We will talk about how to open your own business in Slovakia below.

Important facts about doing business in Slovakia

  • In Slovakia, you can choose various forms of entrepreneurial activity - LLC or sole proprietorship (IP).
  • VAT is 20%.
  • Tax on withdrawn dividends - 7%.
  • The tax report is submitted once a year from January 01 to March 31 for the previous year. It is possible to extend the report period for another 3 months. If there is VAT, a VAT report is submitted every month.
  • The director of the company can work officially without pay. One company can have up to 50 directors.
  • The owners of a Slovak company can be citizens of any country. The director can only be a citizen of the Slovak Republic or another EU country, as well as a foreigner with a residence permit or permanent residence in Slovakia.
  • Slovakia has a public trade register where you can find and verify any company by name or I?O number.
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How to register your business?

Our company will help you with business registration - preparation of all documents, translation into Slovak by a sworn translator, appeal to the state registrar, tax, commercial court, notary, and so on, we take care of! All registration procedures will take only 2 weeks!

Step 1: Apply on our website

Fill in the required data so that our managers can contact you as soon as possible.

Step 2: provide a certificate of non-conviction and a passport

Provide a certificate of non-conviction and a passport.

Step 3: we undertake the preparation of all necessary documents for starting a business

We ourselves prepare all the necessary papers for starting a business in Slovakia.

Step 4: registering your business in Slovakia

Your business is registered in Slovakia.

Business registration questions
Are there any age restrictions if you go to study in Slovakia?
Higher education institutions of the Slovak Republic do not impose age restrictions.
Do I need to provide biometric data when applying for a visa?
Yes. The applicant must provide their biometric data at the time of applying for a visa.
How can I get my documents?
Documents can be obtained from the embassy or consulate.
How can I track the status of my application?
You can track the status of your application by calling us.
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