Registration of business in Slovakia

Registration of business in Slovakia

The main reason for moving to Slovakia for many people is doing business. This country improves the indicators of favorable conditions for companies every year. The establishment of a company in the territory of the Slovak Republic is the basis for the business migration of owners, directors, beneficiaries and shareholders. The Slovak company is beneficial in the implementation of the export and import of goods, cooperating, for example, with EU member states.

What types of companies can be established in Slovakia? This is a limited liability company, private enterprise and joint-stock company.
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LLC registration

A limited liability company is one of the most common organizational and legal form options for setting up a company in the Slovak Republic. Before submitting an application, the founder must select and reserve the name of the LLC to be created, open a bank account, know the amount of the share capital contribution, the composition of participants and managers, the type of activity and the legal address, which must be located only in Slovakia. Details of directors and shareholders will be publicly available in the company register.

There are a number of requirements for an LLC:
  • The minimum authorized capital is €5,000.
  • The number of shareholders is not more than 50.
  • The minimum contribution of each participant is at least €750.
  • One of the directors must be a citizen of the Slovak Republic or have a residence permit.

IP registration

The benefit of registering as an individual entrepreneur is a low level of expenses when opening. It should be noted that an individual entrepreneur is obliged to pay for medical insurance, the business cannot be expanded or sold, and if a person has expired a residence permit or there are problems with its registration, such entrepreneurship will become impossible.

Registration of a Joint Stock Company

For a large business, a joint-stock company is suitable. Here, the minimum authorized capital is €25,000. The contribution is divided into shares with a certain value. All shares are registered. Management is provided by the board of directors and the supervisory board appointed by the general meeting of shareholders. Most often, a joint-stock company is registered with more than fifty shareholders.

There is also the possibility of acquiring a ready-made company in Slovakia. This is an easy and fast way to start your business here. After the transaction, you can change the company name, legal address and subject of activity (changes must be registered in the Court Register).

Benefits of doing business in Slovakia:
  • stable economic situation in the country;
  • optimal geographical location;
  • developed financial sector;
  • entering a large market;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • quick business registration;
  • encouragement of foreign direct investment;
  • the opportunity to register a company in Slovakia for a non-resident;
  • foreign ownership allowed;
  • tax incentives;
  • SR is a party to the Double Taxation Treaty;
  • the ability to register a company remotely.

Establishing a company in the Slovak Republic can be a very promising solution for people who plan to expand their business and enter the EU market. Business activities are regulated in accordance with national legislation and in accordance with European standards. We can advise you on these issues and are ready to provide a full range of support services during the procedure for establishing a business in Slovakia.
Perhaps it will be useful for you to know
What taxes need to be paid?
In general, the company's income tax is 21% (if the turnover does not exceed €100,000, then 15%), the tax on dividends is 7%, the personal income tax is 19% (if the turnover for the year does not exceed €100,000, then - 15%), VAT - the main rate of 20%, deductions for honey. and social insurance. But in each specific situation, taxes vary. For LLCs - one, for individual entrepreneurs - others.
If the director of a Slovak company wants to leave the company, how to do it?
This is decided at the General Meeting of Founders. The majority of participants must be present. A director who wants to leave the firm puts the issue on the agenda. It is necessary to immediately appoint a new director, since this is the executive body of a trading company and the position should not be vacant. The decision is then entered into the register. The change of director must also be declared to the banking institution.
Is it possible to register an individual entrepreneur in Slovakia remotely?
Yes. If you open an IP remotely, you do not need to stay in Slovakia for two weeks, it is enough to come for five days to open a bank account and deposit funds.
Can I get a discount if I purchase a legal address for three years at once?
Yes. Each year the cost of a legal address varies. If you purchase it for three years in one payment, the price will not change, plus there will be a discount for the last year.
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