Departure for training

Departure for training

Foreign applicants can be enrolled in state universities in Slovakia for a free form of study with teaching in the Slovak language. Getting education in private higher education institutions or in English is paid.

If you plan to study full-time in Slovakia for more than ninety days in one semester, you need to obtain a residence permit for the purpose of studying. The purpose of the stay must be confirmed by a letter of acceptance signed by the legal representative of the educational institution.

For admission to most areas of bachelor's and master's programs in the SR, it is not required to pass entrance exams or present the results of the ZNO. The exceptions are specialties related to medicine, creativity and sports. The duration of studies on bachelor's programs is three years, on engineering - four, on master's - two. In some specialties, study takes a longer time: medicine - six years, and dentistry, psychology, law, primary school pedagogy - five.
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What documents must the applicant provide?

Graduate students for admission must provide the following documents:

  • issuance of grades;
  • copies of diplomas or certificates (if any);
  • autobiography;
  • a copy of the passport;
  • medical certificate;
  • photographs 3 x 4 cm.

Those who graduated from a school or college, in addition to this list, must also present a certificate of completion of secondary education with an attachment to it.

Housing for students in the SR is dormitories, student houses and youth houses. You can reserve a place after receiving the official enrollment. The cost depends on the specific hostel.

To apply for a residence permit for the purpose of studying, you must have:

  • application on official letterhead;
  • travel card;
  • an invitation from an educational institution;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • financial support;
  • two color photos measuring 3 x 3.5 cm.

Do not forget that documents must be translated into the state language by a sworn translator in Slovakia. Translation made in Ukraine is not accepted.

After the residence permit is approved, the student must:

  • register with the Aliens Police;
  • present to the police department medical insurance and a certificate of the absence of diseases that may harm public health;
  • enter the territory of the Slovak Republic within one hundred and eighty days from the date of issue of the permit.

Features of studying at a university in Slovakia:
  • Students can independently choose subjects for study, but there are also compulsory disciplines.
  • In the electronic system of the university, personal accounts are created for each student. In them, you can plan a schedule, study schedule, view your results.
  • Any student can get personal advice from the teacher.
  • You can not cheat or plagiarize, as for this the student may be fined or not allowed to pass the session.
  • Education can be combined with work, but it should not take more than twenty hours a week.
  • Internships, internships, and student exchange programs are common at universities.
  • If the student does not have time, he can be expelled or left for the second year.
Our company at a high level provides travel services for studying in Slovakia. In addition to advising clients on issues related to studying in SR, we guarantee personal support at all stages. After all, this is a different state and different rules, which means that you need to have the support of professionals in this process.

Perhaps this is what you were looking for:
Are there any age restrictions if you go to study in Slovakia?
Higher education institutions of the Slovak Republic do not impose age restrictions.
Do I need to confirm the knowledge of the Slovak language at the University of Slovakia?
Knowing the Slovak language is necessary for passing entrance exams for some faculties, as well as for studying at a university and successfully passing the exam. Every year the number of universities that require a certificate of knowledge of the state language is increasing.
What are the conditions for obtaining a hostel for students-citizens of third countries?
First-year foreign students are provided with a hostel in the first place. The place in the queue depends on the distance of the university from the city of residence. It is necessary to submit an application with a request, where information about the distance to the house is indicated.
What are the differences in the Slovak and Ukrainian systems of education?
There are practically no differences. The training is based on the Bologna system. Minor differences may be in individual universities and faculties, since their leadership has the right to modify the learning process. The main task of the student is to collect enough credits during each semester to move on to the next course.
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