Obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia

This article contains all the relevant information about the residence permit in Slovakia. This country offers a lot of advantages for various categories of citizens: students applying for free education; applicants for decent jobs and salaries; entrepreneurs who rely on low taxes and loyal business conduct. Excellent infrastructure, low level of corruption, stable pricing policy and a high degree of social protection - all this has increased the number of people who want to move here in recent years.

A residence permit makes it possible for foreigners who plan to study, work or engage in business to live in the state.
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There are two types of residence permit in Slovakia. This is a temporary residence permit (permit) and a permanent residence permit (permanent residence) . Let's look at how they differ from each other.

A temporary residence permit is granted on the basis of a submitted application after fulfilling the conditions established by law.

Residence permit is granted:
  • to create your own business in the territory of the state;
  • for the purpose of permanent or seasonal official employment;
  • to get an education;
  • for certain types of activities: sports, cultural, volunteer, lecturer, journalistic, medical and others;
  • for scientific research;
  • to reunite the family;
  • for the performance of official duties by peacekeepers;
  • ethnic Slovaks living abroad;
  • persons with a long-term residence permit in another European state.
Most often, residence permits are issued to entrepreneurs for employment, as well as family reunification.

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia

You must personally apply for a residence permit. An exception can be made only in the case of family reunification, if the applicant is incapacitated. Then the application on his behalf is submitted by the person with whom the applicant requests family reunification.

Where can I apply for a residence permit?
  • At the consular section of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic, accredited in the country that issued the passport to the applicant or where the applicant has property to live in.
  • At the local department of the migration service in Slovakia.

A person who has a valid residence permit, as well as an applicant for refugee status or political asylum, cannot apply for a residence permit. The period of time for which a temporary residence permit is issued for the first time depends on the purpose of the stay. A foreigner who has issued a residence permit can legally reside in Slovakia, leave and return before the period of the temporary residence permit expires.

For how long is a residence permit issued?
  • if the goal is permanent employment or scientific research, then for a period of time up to 2 years;
  • if the applicant plans to engage in entrepreneurial activities in the territory of the Slovak Republic, then for a period of up to 3 years;
  • if the purpose is family reunification, then for a period of up to 5 years;
  • for study - for the longest period, but not exceeding 6 years.

A residence permit can be obtained by confirming a specific purpose at the time of application. If the purpose does not change and the foreigner does not violate the conditions for residence, the residence permit, if necessary, can be extended by the state authorities of the Slovak Republic for a period of 3 to 5 years (this depends on the purpose of the stay). But if it has changed, then you need to apply for a new permit.

Permanent residence (long-term residence permit) is granted for an indefinite period to a foreigner who:
  • actually stays in the SR for 5 years before the application is made;
  • has a canceled long-term residence permit due to obtaining a long-term residence permit in another EU state;
  • has a five-year residence permit in the territory of an EU member state and legally resides in Slovakia for at least 2 years before applying.

A foreigner may be denied permanent residence if he:
  • previously filed an application for refugee status or asylum;
  • has a residence permit for the purpose of education, seasonal work or special activity;
  • has diplomatic immunity.

If a foreign citizen has a temporary residence permit for the purpose of study or special activity, then first of all he must obtain a residence permit for another purpose, for example, business or work, and then apply for permanent residence.

It is worth knowing that during the paperwork for a residence permit, you need to plan certain cash expenses for several months:
  • travel;
  • rental housing;
  • everyday needs;
  • translation of documentation;
  • notary;
  • state duty;
  • medical examination, etc.
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