Virtual office

Virtual office

The term “Virtual Office” means the provision of office services: a legal address for receiving correspondence from all government agencies and other organizations with which the enterprise interacts, mail forwarding services, a virtual telephone number, fax reception. The legal address is indicated in all registration documents, tax, banks, etc., so you cannot do without it. The essence of a virtual office is that a company located in one state can create the illusion of having an office in another country without having to pay for the rent of real space.

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A virtual office offers extremely profitable opportunities for various types of business activities. It significantly reduces costs compared to renting a premises and is a popular solution, in particular for start-up foreign businessmen who conduct business activities from their own home, another region or from abroad. This opportunity is currently used by a large number of entrepreneurs. It is popular both among local residents and among foreigners who want to register a business with further registration of a residence permit in Slovakia.

Often, at the beginning of a business, a foreigner does not need a real office, for which a lot of money will have to be paid. But a legal address is required when registering a business. In this case, you can use the service of a virtual office. In the Slovak Republic it is not forbidden to register many legal entities at one address. A virtual office can be located both in a residential area and in an office. The main thing is that there is a mailbox with the name of the company or individual entrepreneur.

It should be noted that the business should be registered at a verified address, so that in the future there will be no problems with the foreign affairs police. For example, if correspondence was not received at the legal address and the letters were returned to the police, the authorities may consider that the address is not valid. In such a case, a check of the legal address or place of residence can be carried out. Also, police officers can call the owner who provided the legal address in Slovakia and ask for verbal confirmation of the provision of the address.

A virtual office makes it possible to save money on renting a room and at the same time conduct a full-fledged business activity on the territory of the Slovak Republic. We provide a virtual office that takes into account the needs of foreigners in the SR and has a number of advantages compared to similar services. The company is assigned a postal address in Slovakia. Correspondence received through it will be sent to you. Phone calls received to a number in the SR will be forwarded to the number you specified. Our team guarantees professionalism, confidentiality and full support of all processes.

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